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High Quality 3D Customized Silk Lashes

Eyelash material: high quality 3d customized silk lashes
Level: Platinum level
Eyelash stems: plastic cotton bar
Type: 100% handmade
100% synthetic hair
Very soft
Natural appearance
Can be reused
Experienced workers handmade
Free from brutality
OEM is acceptable
Signed packaging
Free sample
Fair price
Market positioning
Makeup artist, beauty salon, online store, etc.
The main consumer groups
A group of young people, fashion crowd



How To Apply Eyelash Glue Skills?

  1. Do not apply too much or even glue lashes glue on the customized high quality 3d silk lashes are like this will greatly reduce the life of customized high quality 3d silk lashes!
  2. Eyelash glue is coated on the root of the eyelashes that root above the stem, the volume is about 0.5-1 mm, thin evenly spread quickly.
  3. After the eyelash glue is applied, wait a few seconds and then wear the 3d silk eyelashes, eyelash roots will be close to the 3d silk eyelashes glued, hands or tweezers do not move, let the 3d silk eyelashes fixed with external help for a few seconds so that the root of the first sticky Then open your eyes, taking advantage of the eyelash glue is not completely dry, adjust the angle of   3d silk eyelashes, too much pressure on the pressure, too lift the lift.
  4. When the eyelash lashes when the distance from the eye there is still 0.5CM  eyelashes, do not worry paste, first determine the customized silk lashes eye tail, eye head about the location. Then hand or aid up 45 degree angle! First fixed a point in the middle of the eyelashes, and then the end of the eye, the last eye, which is a relatively good order, of course, we can according to their own habits in order to paste.

Special Reminder:

customized silk lashes when the angle is very important to take a little 3d silk eyelashes Yang up some, greater than 45 degrees 3d silk eyelashes, so as to be more attached to the roots of the 3d silk eyelashes eyelids! And hands up to lift some will not block the eyes. You can clearly see the roots of their own 3d silk eyelashes, so as to accurately look good stick!

The first few lashes are posted because this step is not done, it is difficult to get attached to the 3d silk eyelashes roots or eye end so do not paste the results. If you use tweezers clip is the same to pay attention to the point of 3d silk eyelashes is up Yang posted Oh

Product Keeper:

  1. Remove from the box, you want to follow the direction of 3d silk eyelashes, with your fingers gently removed, peeled off from the eyelid, to squeeze 3d silk eyelashesin the middle of the rapid pull, should not pull two or three hair down .
  2. Used 3d silk eyelashesto completely clear the adhesive glue, neatly received into the box, be careful not to eye shadow powder, mascara, etc., stick to the 3d silk eyelashes, otherwise they will dirty, destroy the 3d silk lashes.
  3. In the cleaning of 3d silk eyelashes, with a special unloading eye makeup remover water to clean the 3d silk eyelashes, rub the   3d silk eyelashes with cotton pads, starting from the root, then the front part, the action must be light, otherwise it can not be recycled .

How To Remove 3d Silk Eyelashes?

Unloading 3d silk eyelashes gently when unloading, do not force tear!If you want to make 3d silk eyelashes longer, it is best not to use the eye unloading solution and then tear! Of course, 3d silk eyelashes are certainly not deposited once finished.

If you do not mind the short life expectancy, I hope first with the unloading liquid deposited before tearing, is also possible, each torn down. 3d silk eyelashes will have to get rid of the root of the gum, if not cleaned as much as possible, 3d silk eyelashes gum roots will Thicker and thicker 3d silk eyelashes itself is very thin and soft stems will thicken because of these accumulated glue so that the life of the 3d silk lashes is short!

Eyelash Glue Removal Method

Sticky cotton with cotton sticky water can also be! Then gently torn 3d silk eyelashes tear root so that the roots of 2 lashes completely wrapped in cotton inside, about 10 minutes over. Adjust the roots to a natural arc to compensate for the deformation of the 3d silk lashes caused by tearing 3d silk eyelashes and removing the 3d silk eyelashes, and put them back into your box

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