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How To Brush Eyelashes Correctly

STEP 1: Eyelash curler.

Eyelash curler must first Alice, but also to make it a beautiful arc was good-looking Oh, so when the folder lashes must be hard at the roots of lashes.

Eyelash curler will be fixed at the root of lashes after the position, and then gently bent up, pay attention to the elbow to lift up the appropriate force, so the effect will be better, but closer to the front edge of the eyelash force will have to light Oh.

STEP 2: Adjust the eyelash angle.

With a small eyelash curler, properly adjust the curvature of the eyelash, especially in the eyes and eyes at both ends, do not forget Oh.

STEP 3: Eyelashes stereotypes.

First electric lashes curler preheated, and other folder eyelash, it will be placed in the root of the eyelash as well as the middle, as long as two to three seconds to stay on the line, which allows your eyelash more curly and make it more curvature lasting.

STEP 4: Upper eyelash primer.

Only need to thinly coated with eyelash primer or eyelash lashes to protect the function of the eyelash, the purpose is to make eyelash in the makeup process to minimize the extent of damage.

STEP 5: Brush eyelashes.

First, look down the eyes, try to expose the roots of eyelash, eyelash and then brush the first eyelash roots, and maintain two to three seconds.

Then pull the eyelash tail, to make small adjustments while the mascara is not dry, until satisfied, and brush the eyelash more densely.

STEP 6: Emphasis on the end of the eye.

The method is before the mascara has not dried, focusing on brushing the end of eye lashes, to use a radial manner to brush, emphasizing the role of eye lashes is to make the eyes look bigger.

STEP 7: Grooming eyelashes.

This is simple, as long as the eyelash can be combed comb, lashes can make a clear root.

STEP 8: Brush your eyelashes.

Brush eyelashes must be carefully Oh, try to be a little lighter hands, the skill is gently jiggle and move the mascara brush, you can brush out the long and thick under the eyelashes came.

If you have no experience brushing eyelashes, may wish to buy cotton swabs or cotton pad to cover the brush, so that you can avoid mistakes.

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