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How To Choose The Type Of Eyelashes Brush

Mascara needs patience, the following complicated steps to prove enough: eyes down, first brush on the eyelashes, and then, line of sight up, and then from the bottom of the eyelash brush to brush up to produce the effect of bending; on the Eyelashes Mascara Semi-dry, with an eyelash brush to brush again, under the eyelash will have to follow the end of the eye to the direction of the eye, eyebrow brush reciprocating brush several times; if you want to create a radial feeling, then the upper and lower eyelashes heavy brush again. Finally with eyelashes comb, the eyelashes will be combed together, finishing eyelashes.

A good mascara to a brush on the non-caking. One of the materials used to make mascara is wax, one of which is a solvent-dissolved color material. Whether it is water or oily mascara, mascara are the use of the density and moisture will be fixed eyelashes, the choice of criteria should be: pull out the brush, the mascara properly attached to the brush on; use can Fix the curvature of the eyelashes, but not the eyelashes.

There are four basic mascara brush head, respectively, for different types of crush

◆ Long Straight Spiral: Also slender and dense.

This is the most common type of brush head, long spiral brush head allows mascara fibers evenly attached to the top, and smooth adhesion to the eyelashes。

◆ curved spiral: Curl degree more durable

Brush mascara, eyelash curler curved parts to be up, brushing from the roots, the eyelashes will be pulled up, shaping curling does not sag, curling degree longer lasting charm.

◆ fine comb-shaped: make thick eyelashes thickening

Mascara can be fully attached to the comb groove, brush once can make eyelashes thicker, thickening, but also has a clear rooted effect.

◆ stick shape: for no eyelashes beauty

Replace the brush head directly with the fiber, easy to brush the root of the eyelashes but will not be infected with the eyelids, eyelashes ultra-short without eyelashes beauty is most suitable for use.

Warped Mascara, for hard or straight eyelashes more suitable for users who do not need to use curlers can be lasting curling;

Transparent mascara, lashes to maintain the volume and flexibility, there will be no dyeing problems, suitable for natural make-up people;

Color mascara is a good choice for beginners make-up, easy to stain on the eyelids, you can wait until after the dry cotton swabs;

Increased mascara, make the lashes look longer and more dense, but easier to tangle lashes, it is recommended that the lashes should be used occasionally, or other occasions;

Waterproof mascara brush is generally sparse type and spiral type, generally used when swimming, it should be noted that waterproof mascara smear too long it is difficult to clean.

1, Choose mascara, should choose properly. To understand the ingredients it contains, some mascara can help lashes reconstruct their own regeneration, so that lashes health; may also be some mascara due to improper quality, often make lashes stick together, very unnatural.

2, The pros and cons of the brush also have a great influence. The curling lashes is a gimmick mascara on the market. The bristles used are composed of two different diameters of fibers, so that the mascara can evenly spread. Longer fiber diameter, can be seen as the tip of lashes, brush full effect.

3, The mirror on the bottom, field of vision down, eyelash brush from the upper eyelid to the edge of the eyelash edge by side coating. And then pick up the upper lashes pick up, eyelash brush to ground rotation. This part of the oil can not be too much; painted to be extremely thin, or curly lashes will be restored to its original shape, easy to stick Dingfen powder, looks like white hair. When applying under the lashes, the mirror should be put higher, the eyes look up, the nose lengthens down, the skin on the face is flat. This oil will not rub to the face. Eyelash brush erected, so toggle around the lashes, and then along the lashes smear.  Mascara is still young and ignorant before, do not move your eyelids, so stick in the skin. If the oil is too much, the lashes have been adhesion, can be used without mascara eyelash brush or a smaller eyebrow grooming until each lashes dyed.


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